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Archive for December 2014

Ayon Spark III Left

Ayon Spark – StereoPlay Review

December 2014, Germany Some review quotes: English Translation A real stunner; also the sound of the strict single-ended amp is typical Ayon and triodes: earthy, three-dimensionally large, colorful, well defined, much more powerful than you would assume looking at the data and not without the smooth natural sound of good tube amplifiers. With uncomplicated efficient…

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Ayon Stealth DAC Left

Ayon Audio Stealth Review – The Absolute Sound

Ayon Stealth DAC/Preamplifier Long-Term Satisfaction by Dick Olsher     December 4, 2014 What’s in a model name? Well, sometimes not much at all when it’s merely an arbitrary numerical designation and a potential source of confusion for my slightly dyslexic mind. On the other hand, Ayon’s choice of model name strikes me as perfectly befitting…

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