Hifistatement’s choice for the Statement in High Fidelity is the Ayon Crossfire Evo

Hifistatement’s choice for the Statement in High Fidelity | German Edition 2023 is the Ayon Crossfire Evo, that Mr. Carsten Bussler reviewed: “The Crossfire Evo is a tube integrated amplifier that is technically mature to the last detail and is one of the best units on the world market in terms of sound. Essentially, the key lies in the clever design of both the input and driver stages, consisting of a double triode and a composite tube, so that the AA62B power triode, made by a small, fine team of former Tesla employees, can show its 25 watts to full advantage. This tube, developed by Ayon itself, is based on the concept of a 300B and can deliver an almost brutal four ampere of current! The Ayon excels in captivating electrical engineering as well as a very deep understanding of what really matters in tube amp design.”





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