Ortofon Reference 7NX-705

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Ortofon Reference 7NX-705 Interconnect cable


Product Description

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Ortofon Reference 7NX-705 Interconnect cable

Ortofon Reference 7NX-705 RCA/XLR  cables present dynamic sound with the exceptional tonal quality and resolution. The sound is neutral and precise, with a precision in the bass that is unbeaten and voices that stand absolutely clear and with a sharp well defined room.

The cable sleeve’s red color is the only thing that makes the 7NX-705 visible and compliments the Ortofon colors perfectly.

Using the same technology as the 7NX-X1, this state-of-the-art cable mixes 7N High Purity Copper wire and 4N Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) wires together into a masterpiece. It has a gold plated XLR terminal and a Rhodium plated RCA terminal. Those terminals are so designed that they do not touch each other even at the tight space at the back of the amplifier.

Reference 7NX-705 Specifications

  • Conductor size – 2 x 2.0 mm2
  • Conductor material – 7N OFC, OFC
  • Conductor details – 1/0.8, 7/0.322/0.18, 18/0.18 and 61/0.1
  • Terminals – RCA Rhodium plated, XLR Gold plated
  • DC resistance – 9.4 Ω/m
  • Capacity – 448 pF/m
  • Shield – 16/10/0.1 mm
  • Insulation – Polyethylene, PVC
  • 7NX-705 wed detail.jpgCable diameter – 9.4 mm
  • Terminal RCA diameter – 13.5 mm
  • Cable length – 1.0 m


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