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Wackos of the High End Audio Biz! Tone Imports – Jonathan Halpern

Listen to this Message First – from Jonathan Halpern, Halpern calls USA Tube Audio Store on – 6-30-23 – Our receiptionist has to hang up the phone on Halpern.


Tone Imports – goes bananas – as Tone Imports situation get worse, time to blame Charlie at USA Tube Audio!

Jonathan Halpern Tone Imports

Jonathan Halpern Tone Imports

Charlie has never met Jonathan – he simply does not know the man. Look at the Yelp Review Jonathan Halpern left on Yelp on 6-30-23 – Amazing!

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These guys lie endlessly. They knock brands they don’t represent, make up rumors that brands are bankrupt or going out of business. They sell this junk line called Ayon and mark up 400% from cost. Complete scammers. Charlie or Paul as he sometimes calls himself is the bottom of the barrel along with his morally bankrupt wife. Avoid at all costs. Even their “since 1976” is an absolute lie. Run away!

Comment – USA Tube Audio

USA Tube Audio publicly responded on Jul 1, 2:26 PM

Jonathan Halpern owner of Tone Imports – is the importer of the chinese made line magnetic audio gear. Yelp is a forum for real clients, not mad competitors that Wow, really hate Charlie – Jonathan Halper Get A Life!

Wonder if Halpern has any wherewithal – Given the unique and horrific claims Halpern asserts – He said – Maybe We Should File a Lawsuit?


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