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Tube Rolling ???
Don’t do it!

The tubes on your New Ayon Audio Amp, Pre-amp, CD Player, DAC, Streamer are of the finest quality and are matched by a technician to your specific model.

Using your fine tube amplifier, etc. as a tube tester is a huge mistake.

The issue is that when you examine a vacuum tube, you can’t tell if the tube is brand new or if it has 10k hours on it, or worse – a Dead Short.

Unscrupulous tube vendors on the net, or even good tube vendors who purchase inferior tubes for re-sale can cause you a world of trouble with your new tube gear. Offering Cryogenics and other crazy-ness is snake oil. Formulated to separate you from your money!

If you are planning on changing the tubes on your amp, etc. there is only One place to buy your tubes from :

New Sensor Corp. in New York, at :


This is where all the high-end audio manufacturers, the companies who make the tube gear you buy, purchase their vacuum tubes from – New Sensor.

Why, because New Sensor owns 99% of all the vacuum tube brands in the world, they make them and they will always sell you New & Tested tubes. New Sensor will sell direct to you as well.

Do Not Tube Roll, your Fine tube gear – it is not a toy!


Jerry Odemer 

1-800-676-1085 Ext 2


800-676-1085 Ext 2

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