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New Audio Frontiers

New Audio Frontiers was founded by Maurizio and Ferdinando Zanichelli in 1980.
The company is situated in Viadana (MN) – Italy, born from passion for music and from the desire of recreating its magic through a sound production that only live listening can create.
From this moment follows the choice to focalize the interest directly on triode tube amplifiers, direct heating and on the tuning of adequate systems of audio speakers and cables.
As basic the “ambition” of reproducing music at the level of live music and the continuous development of the products based on a direct technique and listening research.
Our products are fully handcrafted in order to guarantee optimal quality and performances.
In additional, each unit must fulfill severe electrical and listening tests before leaving a factory.
A refined styling and careful selection of inner components of the highest grade available make our products unique.
When properly installed, they generate a natural sound, void of sonic artifacts and with a breathtaking soundstage.

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