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AXPONA 2018 Show Report  Systems I Have to Mention

Axpona 2018 Show Report – Ayon Audio LumenWhite – Audio Beatnik Report

April 22, 2018                   Jack

As has been noted by other reviewers, it was a challenge at AXPONA this year to spend much time in individual rooms due to the number of exhibitors. In fact, Becky and I arrived on Wednesday, and we were glad we did, because that gave us all day Thursday to get our bearings for how to attack the show once it opened to the public. It also gave us some initial impressions on rooms we had to go back and see when they had their systems “dialed in”. In this post, I’m recognizing a few rooms that met the challenge of AXPONA with systems that are worth mentioning here.

USA Tube Audio

In the USA Tube Audio room, they were playing the Lumenwhite’s Kyara speakers that sell for $49,900 to $69,000 per pair, depending on the finish. The speakers were driven by the new Ayon Orthos XS Gen4 monoblocks that output 300 watts per channel and cost $28,800 for the pair. The preamp was the Ayon S-10 at $8,300. The source was an Ayon CD-35 SACD player/streamer/DAC ($10,500).

I always find Lumenwhite speakers at shows to be quite pleasing to listen to. This show was no different as the sound was full-range, warm with good imaging and a big soundstage.  Voices sounded very natural and had good timbre.

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