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Ayon HA-3 Headphone Amp Right

Ayon HA-3 Headphone Amp Positive Feedback Review

Impressions:  The Ayon Audio HA-3 SET Headphone Amplifier and the Focal Utopia Headphones 11-29-2018 | By David W. Robinson | Issue 100 High-end headphones and Personal Fi. I’ve evaluated a goodly handful of ‘phones and headphone amps over many years, with some excellent results. Some were large cost-no-object designs, built for home, listening room, or…

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Ayon Titan Mono Front

Ayon Audio Titan Mono Amps – Audio Reference Review

  AYON TITAN – “State of the Art” The “Titan” will appeal to the most discerning music lovers offering absolute tonal neutrality, outstanding dynamics and magic soundstage. With explosively fast, seemingly bottomless and uncoloured performance together with unrivalled ambiance portrayal and sonic fluidity it creates the illusion of a real “live” music event. The Titan…

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Axpona 2018 Show Report Ayon Audio LumenWhite – Enjoy The Music

  AXPONA 2018 Show Report — Audio Expo North America Ayon Audio, Lumenwhite – “Best Sound” Axpona 2018    Ayon Audio really delivered during the AXPONA 2018 show with their Spheris preamplifier and Ayon Orthos II XS GEN 4 monoblocks ($27,000 per pair). These are pure Class A 180 Watt in triode mode, or switchable to…

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Ayon Titan Evo Mono Right

Ayon Audio Titan Evo Monoblock – Positive Feedback Review

Ayon Titan Evo Monoblock Amplifiers – “Best Sound” Ayon Audio Titan Evo Monoblock – Positive Feedback Review 03-10-2018 | By Gary Lea | Issue 96 The word Titan brings a whole lot of imagery to mind for most people. Titan Missile; the king of all intercontinental ballistic missiles. Capable of delivering multiple nuclear warheads to other…

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Ayon Stealth and CD-TII

Ayon Audio Stealth Ayon CD-TII Review – HFA hifi-Advice

    Christiaan Punter                  1 March 2018 HFA hifi-Advice Ayon Stealth DAC and Ayon CD-T II Signature CD Transport All-tube DAC/Preamp and Transport combo with a superb level of musical involvement Stealth DAC/Preamp The Stealth is a fully-fledged DAC compatible with PCM and DSD signals, converting both of…

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The Show Newport Ayon Ballroom

Ayon Audio Awards – click “Read More” below

Ayon Audio – Made in Austria Ayon Audio, world class manufacturer of high performance – vacuum tube audio products for over 30 years! “The Bugatti of Audio” Award – The Absolute Sound “Best Sound” Cost No Object Award Winner, year after year, High End Audio Show Winner RMAF Denver, The LA Audio Show, The Show…

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Ayon Audio Amplifier Reviews

Ayon Vulcan Evo II – „Positive-Feedback“ – May 2017, USA Ayon Crossfire Evo “Soundrebels“ (English version) – April 2017, Poland; Ayon HA-3 „Stereoplay“ – April 2017, Germany Some review quotes: English Translation Also in the HA-3 and practically unchanged you find again Ayon’s tonal philosophy already known from the big powerful…

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