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Ayon CD-1 Review

Reviewer: Ken Micallef Financial Interests: Love Ayon Digital Source: Raysonic CD-168, Ayon CD-1 [in for review] Analog Source: Kuzma Stabi/Stogi turntable/arm combo, Denon DL-103 cartridge,Auditorium 23 Denon step-up transformer [on loan] Preamp: Shindo Allegro Amp: Shindo Haut Brion Speakers: DeVore Fidelity Nines Cables: Auditorium A23 speaker cables, Shindo interconnects, SilverFi interconnects [in for review] Stands: Salamander rack, 2″ Mapleshade platforms (8″ x 15″ x 2″), Blue Circle custom…

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Ayon CD-07s Vacuum Tube CD Player Front

Ayon CD-07s Review

Ayon CD-07s Smooth liquidity is another typical element of the Ayon sound. The sound is analog-like, viscose, fluid, flowing, smooth. You may as well discard all these adjectives and replace them with the single formulation: the Ayon is a delight for ears. It is the companion for hours and hours of listening. Function and form…

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Ayon CD-5s w

Ayon CD-5s Review

ayon CD-5s CD Player – How Sweet It Is! as reviewed by Marshall Nack This review took a slightly different path and as such, it took a while for me to gather my bearings. The AYON CD-5s CD player had arrived with 150 hours on it, to which I added another 50, all using the…

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Ayon CD-5s

Ayon CD-5s Review

CD Player Ayon Audio CD-5s Manufacturer: Ayon Audio Contact: Ayon Audio USA 1-800-676-1085 Ext 2 Kraj pochodzenia: Austria Polish language Text: Wojciech Pacuła Photographs: Wojciech Pacuła | Eter Audio/Piksel Studio Translation: Krzysztof Kalinkowski     CD-5s, here tested in the Special version, appeared for the first time in 2009 as CD-5. This was the top CD player from…

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Ayon Stealth DAC Left

Ayon Stealth Review

Ayon Stealth DAC/Preamplifier Long-Term Satisfaction by Dick Olsher     December 4, 2014 What’s in a model name? Well, sometimes not much at all when it’s merely an arbitrary numerical designation and a potential source of confusion for my slightly dyslexic mind. On the other hand, Ayon’s choice of model name strikes me as perfectly befitting…

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Ayon CD-3

Ayon CD-3 Review

Ayon CD-3 Review Doug Schroeder reveals what the German BMW, Italian Ferrari and the an Austrian CD player have in common By: Doug Schroeder | March 2009   It was after eight in the evening and darkness had fallen. I settled in my chair, tapping into the reserve two hours of brainpower to be applied…

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Ayon Triton III Gen 4 Front

Ayon Triton III Review

Ayon Audio Triton III Integrated Amplifier 11-14-2016 | By  Gary Lea | Issue 88 I have always been a fan of Ayon products. While many of their offerings are not for the faint of heart from a cost perspective you can generally count on the company to produce some of the finest gear around and you…

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Ayon CD-2 front

Ayon CD-2 Review

Ayon CD-2 Review Doug Schroeder immersed in digital the Austrian way via the Ayon By: Doug Schroeder | September 2009 I walked into the local Best Buy the other day and spied an alternative future, a display of Micro-SD Chips preloaded with music. The things were so small that if you were to drop one…

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Ayon CD-3sx Front

Ayon CD-3sx Review

Ayon Audio CD-3sx CD Player/DAC/Preamplifier Class A Tube Satisfaction Equipment report by Andre Jennings | Feb 19th, 2016 Ayon Audio CD-3sx CD Player/DAC/Preamplifier Class A Tube Satisfaction Categories: Tubed preamplifiers, Disc players, Digital-to-analog converters | Products: Ayon Audio CS-3sx Ayon Audio CD-3sx CD Player/DAC/Preamplifier From the time digital music became a mainstream format (in the…

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