Audio Research BANKRUPT

Audio Research Bites The Dust – BANKRUPT An Iconic US Audio manufacturer Mismanaged for Years. Toast! Filed 1 week after Axpona.

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AXPONA SHOW NO INTEGRITY?? You Decide! $8,950.00 for 1 Show Directory advertisement and 4 Elevator Wrap Ads ?? Munich, RMAF Denver, LA Show, all shows Refund Monies to Exhibitors. Axpona Keeps monies! Remember this: Dear AXPONA Exhibitors and Sponsors; We at AXPONA wish you all the very best during these COVID-19 disrupted times. We care…

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mqa bankrupt


By W. Jennings Link: MQA Files For Chapter 11 Protection: One Too Many Losses Or Will It Be Sold Off In “Bit” Sized Pieces? MQA has filed for the appointment of administrators in the United Kingdom. Will they have to sell off SCL6 to survive? Earlier this week MQA filed paperwork with the UK…

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Ayon Audio S-10 II now supports Spotify!

For over 4 decades, Ayon Audio has been handcrafting world class vacuum tubes and vacuum tube audio equipment, setting the benchmark and new standards for high end audio performance. Altruistic reliability, product durability, Ayon Iconic design and superb resale value.  Now we have added Spotify as a source via the S-10 II and Signature units.…

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Technics SL-1000R


Japan to Malaysia Pop goes the weasel – “Sayonara” Many Jump Ship Technics SL-1000R – $19,999.99 Table from Malaysia not Japan! Half a pound of tuppenny rice Half a pound of treacle That’s the way the money goes Pop, goes the weasel FOLLOW THE MONEY – Is it Brutal Greed?   Greetings Technics Dealers, I’d…

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New Audio Frontiers Reference 845 tubes

NO Ultra-Linear/Triode Operation – You do not want this!

NO Ultra-Linear/Triode Operation – You do not want this mode of operation in your Tube Amp! Checkout the Graph Below PURE CLASS A PENTODE/TRIODE – IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO – AREA OF NO CONDUCTION = TOTAL SIGNAL LOSS – COMPLETE DISTORTION The Holy Grail is Pentode/Triode Pure Class A No, we do not…

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Tube Rolling

Tube Rolling ??? Don’t do it! The tubes on your New Ayon Amp are of the finest quality and matched by a technician to your amplifier. Using your fine tube amplifier as a tube tester is a huge mistake. The issue is that when you examine a vacuum tube, you can’t tell if the tube…

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