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AVM The Show Newport 2013

AVM Audio Shows

The Show Newport 2012 – AVM Audio and USA Tube Audio – John Atkinson Stereophile Magazine AVM SA-8 – AVM PA-8 – AVM ML-8 – AVM MA-8 – AVM CD-8 The German AVM company has been around for a long time, but its products are new to the USA. AVM’s Udo Besser was instrumental in…

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The Show Newport Ayon Ballroom

Ayon Audio Awards – click “Read More” below

Ayon Audio – Made in Austria Ayon Audio, world class manufacturer of high performance – vacuum tube audio products for over 30 years! “The Bugatti of Audio” Award – The Absolute Sound “Best Sound” Cost No Object Award Winner, year after year, High End Audio Show Winner RMAF Denver, The LA Audio Show, The Show…

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The Absolute Sound RMAF 2017 Show Report

The Absolute Sound – Dick Olsher’s Best of Show – RMAF 2017 Most Coveted Product: For me it was the new Lumen White Kyara Studio Reference Monitors. Excellent transient precision and bass line definition even under difficult show conditions.

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Audio Bacon RMAF 2017 Grand Show Report

RMAF 2017 – Ayon Lumenwhite “Best Sound” of Show   The Lumen White Kyara ($49,900/pair) and Ayon Audio Orthos XS Gen 4 mono blocks ($29,000/pair) were one of the best sounds from the show. The soundstage was unbelievably wide, stretching way beyond the boundaries of the small hotel room. There’s also a level of resolution…

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