Come visit us at the New York Hilton & Towers, May 30th thru June 2nd, 2002.
We will be with “Acoustic Dreams” and “Shunyata Research” on the Concourse Level, Room #3002

Premieres the “Ayon” single-ended triode-amplifiers and loudspeakers at “Home Entertainment Show 2002” in New York.

We invite you to listen to the new “Ayon Sunrise” single-ended triode-amplifier and the new “Ayon Dragon” single-driver loudspeakers at the premises of U.S. distributor “Acoustic Dreams” in show room #3002 – Concourse Level.

The exhibit will see the “Ayon Sunrise” driving the new “Ayon Dragon” single-driver speakers with digital front end from DCS and the acclaimed Hovland HP-100 preamplifier.

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