Quality sound cannot cure the ills of the world. So why is the quality of sound important? It is a matter of quality of life. Hearing is one of the five senses and is an important connection to the physical world. We can touch and feel textures with our fingers, our tongues can taste the salt or sweet of life, we can visualize the world around us, smell aromas of perfume, and we can hear the sounds of life around us. Hearing connects our emotional being with other people, with thoughts, with understanding. To lose this sense is to lose an important facet of interaction with the world. So how does it affect the quality of our life. When you listen to music or the sounds of a movie track, is it sufficient to hear tinny sounds or the flabby bass of a substandard electronic system. When you are relaxing with a cup of coffee on an early fall Saturday morning with a light rain coming down, does the sound system enhance or detract the moment. As much as good smells, pleasant surroundings, and visual stimulation can create a positive atmosphere, so too quality sound can significantly contribute to the positive aspects of that atmosphere.
In real estate, there is a saying that when looking for a house you should follow three criteria. Location, location, location. It is not so different when seeking a home entertainment system, the three criteria are quality sound, quality sound, quality sound. We live in an age where the choices fly though the market with this feature, that digital format, this remote control, and that convenience of two hundred programming modes. Most of us have either jettisoned equipment at the dump or filled closets with goods that seemed cool at the time. The material things in life that stay with us are goods that are useful, functional and enhance our lifestyle. Given this type of criteria, our audio/audio visual systems should not mirror the coolest toy or the neatest feature but first and foremost: what does it sound like. I am certain that a person would easily forego three hundred programming modes for a system that produced the highest level of quality sound over the years.