Oddwatt Audio OBHO


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Oddwatt Audio OBHO

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0% – 3 Year Financing Available!!


Oddwatt Audio OBHO

The Oddwatt OBHO kits are solid amps despite their DIY nature. I demo’d the stock OBHO’s against a $2k+ NAD amplifier (same equipment for both) at a local dealer. The OBHO’s were superior. My amp is a substantial upgrade from the kits and essentially utilizes only the circuit boards, transformers, and electrolytic caps from the original kits. The circuit design is identical to the kits. WBT connectors and Audyn caps (True Copper Max and Plus) were used in place of the generic connectors and Solen caps of the original kits. Mills non-inductive resistors were used to replace standard ones wherever possible. Anyway, if you click on the link to the stock Oddwatt OBHO’s below, the difference is readily apparent. It is the only amp I have owned and I use it regularly to drive my Dynaudio Contour 20’s, fed by the Ayon CD-TII and Stealth XS units. It is a 45W (55 peak) per channel amp. I’m happy with the sound but the Contours are power hungry speakers and that is the reason I want to move to the Triton, more capacity to adequately drive and generate higher volume (and balanced connections).

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A more complete summary on the amp’s components, etc., is listed below:

*utilizes two pure class “A” OddWatt Oddblock High Output Kits (mainly just the circuit boards, transformers, and electrolytic capacitors) – circuit path is essentially identical to that of the stock kits – (45W per channel output; 55W peak)

*Tong-Sol KT120 power tubes (matched) and Sovtek 6SL7GT driver tubes. (The amp can also run 6550, KT88, and KT90 octal base tubes. A switch on each channel is provided to facilitate this. A simple tube balance operation on each channel is then all that is required.)

*the amp utilizes a very low amount of feedback, however, a feedback loop defeat switch on each channel is installed to allow the user to have the option of zero feedback, if they prefer the difference in the amp’s sound

*high density 5000 series cast aluminum one piece anodized chassis

*WBT-0730 Topline Gold binding posts (4, 8, and 16 ohm connections)

*WBT Nextgen Gold Plated RCA connectors

*Audyn True Copper Max 2% capacitors utilized in signal path

*Audyn True Silver and Plus 2% capacitors used in all other polypropylene cap locations

*Neotech Stranded UPOCC Silver in Teflon 18 AWG wire used to carry output signal

*Non-Inductive resistors used in place of standard resistors wherever possible

*Mundorf Supreme Gold/Silver solder used throughout

*Deep Purple Flip Flop Powder Coat used on transformer cases

*51 page manual (assembly/operation/circuit diagrams) and parts list CD included

*heater circuit for prolonging tube life


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