Ayon Pearl Speaker Cables

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Ayon Pearl – Speaker Cables – Sweet!


Product Description

0% – 3 Year Financing Available!!

Ayon Pearl – Speaker Cables

The Pearl series speaker cables are composed of 5 conductor geometry.
2 conductors are solely for signal transmission, 3 are for grounding, the passage of electrons during playback.

All the conductors in the Pearl series Signal cables are solid core, 2.7mm.

Twisting patterns are proprietary, custom made for Ayon. A 98% shielding capability.

Purest copper, 7N Copper 99.99% pure, Oxygen Free. Custom manufactured cold drawn copper cast.
Copper conductors are silver plated. Silver is 99.99% pure.

The result is a smooth effortless sonic signature, uncolored – beautiful soundstage. Great speaker cables, will not disappoint!



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