RSX Music Server runs ROON


The RSX Music Server, can run Audirvana, Jriver, Roon, HQPlayer


RSX Music Server System

0% Financing 3 Years

Run ROON on any Network Player

8th Generation Intel Core i7. Fanless aluminum chassis. Chassis is the heatsink. All solid state.

Intel Core i7
128 GB SSD system and database drive
2TB – 4TB SSD music storage drive

ROON license must be purchased separately.

Product Description

Enjoy The Music – RSX Music Server & Ayon CD-35II Brutus Award!

The RSX Music Server, can run Audirvana, Jriver, Roon, HQPlayer


New Model! Smarter, Faster, Built for High End Audio

RSX Retail Price is $3600 2 TB – 4 TB $3900 –

On Sale RSX 2TB $2895 & for the 4TB $3395 – a $500 to $700 Savings

RSX Music Server System – USA Labs,

Made in the USA.

Run ROON on any Network Player Streamer, DAC, even if your streamer or DAC is not ROON Compatible!

8th Generation Intel Core i7



Zero computer/network knowledge needed. Just plug it in! Plug & Play. Setup video is available & if needed our techs can & will remotely setup the RSX for you for Free. All you have to do is connect the RSX, power it up and we will take it from there, Remotely via computer. Pretty cool right!

Do not use a computer or NAS Drive to stream your music, computers & NAS Drives run dozens of background programs just to keep the computer & NAS up & running. This causes unwanted, noticeable noise in the signal path.

The RSX has no Noise, no fans, super fast instantaneous delivery, huge horsepower for large libraries, no spinning disks, no moving parts, imbedded operating system, no drivers, all solid state, runs super COOL, built for high end audio Only! Put it anywhere, Plug & Play. Solid State drive included.


0% Financing 3 Years

Run ROON on any Network Player

8th Generation Intel Core i8. Fanless aluminum chassis. Chassis is the heatsink. All solid state.

8th Generation Intel Core i8
128 GB SSD system and database drive
2TB – 4TB SSD music storage drive

Completely silent. Extremely fast. Rock Solid. The on-board 2TB SSD makes album look ups substantially quicker than network attached drives. No more worries with network issues or wondering if ROON is still running as an App on the network. The perfect way to run ROON. Roon subscription not included, but can be added for an additional fee.

9 reviews for RSX Music Server runs ROON

  1. Lee Schwarz

    The R9 server (with linear power supply) is much better than the Nucleus (w … Quieter, with deeper and more articulate bass, better dynamics/transients and detail. I have already encouraged one audiophile friend to purchase one. Further, I would encourage any audiophiles reading this to buy one.

    The service provided by USATubeAudio is EXTRAORDINARY!! Paul and his colleagues asked me to send them a HD with my music on it. So, when I received my R9 all of my music had been installed on its internal hard disk. So, all I did was plug the R9 into my system and enjoy the music. Then a colleague of Paul’s named Mike showed me how I could access the R9’s hard disk so that I could add new music or easily correct typical Roon errors; e.g., missing songs.

    I cannot recommend either the R9 or USATubeAudio more highly.

  2. James Spruill

    The RS9 server far exceeded my expectations. The build quality is superior and it looks like a piece of modern art. It is incredibly fast, totally silent, and generates almost no heat (less than 4 degrees above room temperature). I have not listened to a Nucleus but cannot imagine it sounding this good.

    While the RS9 far exceeded my expectations, USA Tube Audio’s customer service was even more impressive. Paul took time to clearly answer all my questions. He promptly responds to email and is easily reached by phone. The RS9 arrived with my Roon and Qubuz settings already entered. Paul then called to assist with the initial setup which was very quick and easy. Mike, a computer savant, called later and made sure the optimum settings were being used and that my network settings would enable simple and easy transfer of my music FLAC files to the RS9.

    I could not be more delighted with the RS9 and with USA Tube Audio’s superior customer service! This is my second purchase from USA Tube Audio and both were exceptional experiences.

  3. Robert

    i am hooked on the RS9 Music Server and roon with my Ayon S-10II.

    i have retired my $48k Zanden transport and dac in my reference system
    Robert D.

  4. Michael

    Simply amazing, way superior to the Nucleus!

  5. Mark M.

    Looks like I’ll be keeping this S-10II and the RS9 Roon Rock Server. FWIW, I put it up against some significantly more expensive stuff (dCS Bartok & Rossini) and it more than held its own. The S-10II was actually Superior – And it continues to improve…
    Mark M.

  6. Nichael

    Yeah Paul I am very pleased with my RS9 purchase very clean natural sound, thanks for the Advice and Service, sorry but I’ll be keeping this gear, best regards from Michael M.

  7. Vernon M.

    Although my new RS9 experience started off with a rough ride due to “my error” in initial setup, Paul took care of getting me another NEW RS9 expeditiously! The 2nd time around Paul set me up with a “Dynamite Technician” Mike, to help set things up remotely from scratch on my end. The end result and a couple of VERY LATE night sessions later, the RS9 can only be described as TOTALLY AWESOME!! As a direct result, I’ve been going through my audio library & hearing so much more from all my ripped CD’s! Although my old Nucleus, which definitely impressed me at first for at least a year, doesn’t even come close to the RS9!! Everything operates faster, smoother, and the sound is nothing short of SPECTACULAR!! This is my 1st purchase from USA Tube Audio, and it must be said that they’ve been a TOP NOTCH dealer from beginning to end!! Paul, Shelly and Mike did everything to make my 1st purchase totally worthwhile! USA Tube Audio is definitely “old school” where product knowledge & customer service are concerned!! I will definitely be a devoted customer from here on out!! THANKS USA TUBE AUDIO!!

  8. Mike E

    Mike/ Paul – my system sounds amazing! And it’s so fast. Thanks so much for helping me put it together. Love it!

  9. James Spruill

    Purchased my second RS9 and continue to be very impressed with the performance. I also purchased speakers and an amplifier and I am a delighted customer. Once again, Paul provided extraordinary service and Mike displayed his talent and skills as a computer wizard. The system arrived with all settings already entered. It was literally plug & play and then wonderful music. USA Tube Audio exemplifies superior customer service. Thank you again, Paul and Mike.

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