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Archive for June 2017

Ayon CD-10 SACD DAC Right

Ayon CD-35 „Stereoplay“ – June 2017, Germany

Review summary: English Translation “The Austrians, famous for sheer monumental solutions, indeed do not incorporate in their top-player one of the usual “me too..” valve assemblies but rather an absolutely cunning elaborate amplifier section equipped with noblest components, and moreover relies on a power supply equipped with tube regulated rectification as well.” “Let us answer…

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LAAS 2017 Ayon

LAAS Show 2017 Ayon Audio – Enjoy the Music

Los Angeles Audio Show 2017 Report LAAS 2017 Show Report “Best Sound” Cost No Object – Ayon Audio, Lumen White LAAS 2017 High-End Audio Show Report Wait what the??? Ayon Audio is a normal room? After many years of attending shows you simply get kinda sorta useta who’s room is where, or at least the…

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The 2017 Los Angeles Audio Show

Robert Harley on Electronics By Robert Harley, Jun 06th, 2017 RH’s Best of Show Best Sound (cost no object) USA Tube Audio’s demonstration of the new Lumen White speakers driven by Ayon electronics was spectacularly great, with wall-to-wall soundstaging. Close your eyes and you’d never know that you were in a hotel room. Ayon Audio…

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Ayon Audio logo

Ayon System Review:

by Thanasis Moraitis (Greece) for HIEND NEWS – Ultimate Newspaper & Deals of HIEND Audio Equipment web magazine. From Austria to Greece: Ayon ‘Timeless Design’ Setup by Audio Design Ayon ‘Timeless Design’ Setup in Greece Two evenings with Aurstian Ayon Audio Ayon System Check! by Thanasis Moraitis Oι επισκέψεις μας σε χώρους όπου οι αντιπρόσωποι έχουν…

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