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Ayon Audio is an award-winning Austrian company offering one of the most extensive and highly regarded ranges of vacuum tube components in the world, including amplifiers, preamplifiers, headphone amps, phono stages, network players, CD players and DACs, Made in Austria. Also in their design portfolio is a range of loudspeakers specifically designed for use with low powered tube amps, and a unique range of super triode power tubes used exclusively in their own amplifiers. “The Bugatti of Audio” Awarded by The Absolute Sound Magazine.

Specialising in Single-Ended Tube (SET) designs, Ayon are passionate ambassadors for tube amplification, believing tube amplifiers to be the “sonically superior technology for audio”. Recognising that the technology requires some effort and “know how” from its users Ayon have developed more reliable tubes, and automated systems to take care of tasks such as bias adjustment and tube matching so that users don’t have to.

The stunning aesthetics and legendary build quality of Ayon’s products, which are designed and hand assembled in-house, has lead to the company being referred to by The Absolute Sound magazine as “The Bugatti of Audio”