April 13 – 15, 2018
Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center – Schaumburg, IL

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AXPONA 2018 – My Top Room for Sound

04-20-2018 | By Robert S. Youman |

Ayon and Lumenwhite

Positive Feedback Online Audio Oasis Award Ayon Lumenwhite BBS USA Tube Audio

Positive Feedback Online Audio Oasis Award Ayon Lumenwhite BBS USA Tube Audio

Charles Harrison and his lovely wife Susan are the consummate hosts. Charles is the USA distributor for Ayon and Lumenwhite. There was something special about this room that was extremely warm and welcoming—this included both the hosts and the music. From the moment I took my seat I was quite comfortable if not spellbound.

Bottom line, the sound quality was simply outstanding. I have always admired both product lines, but this year there was a clear jump in performance for this combination. Maybe it was some type of component and room synergy, but I was extremely impressed with the rich harmonic presentation of this system. There was just a natural liquidity and flow that could not be ignored.

I do have some personal experience with the original CD-35 SACD/Preamp/DAC. Already a state of the art contender in its initial release, the Ayon CD-35 HF has now pushed the envelope on digital performance even further. I would love to hear a shoot out with the new dCS DACs and transports.

Even beyond the sound, the physical design and aesthetics of these components are quite striking. Fit and finish is exemplary. As always, the Lumenwhite Kyara speakers in particular dazzled the eye and manipulated the heart. Don’t just be seduced by the elegance and allure, this system delivered the sonic goods.

  • Ayon Orthos II XS Mono Amplifiers ($27,000)
  • Ayon Orthos Spheris III Preamplifier ($34,000)
  • Ayon S-10 Signature Network Player ($8500)
  • Ayon CD-35 HF SACD/Preamp/DAC ($22,000)
  • Lumenwhite Kyara Speakers ($49,000)

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